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Transceiver RP-02Stecker RP-02RS232
Characterized by its outstanding properties, the RP-02 fiber optic system is excellent suited for industrial environments.

The RP-02 System uses a keyed fiber optic connector, performance-capable transceivers and the USB-RS232 converter.

Polymer optical fiber cables and HCS fiber cables up to 2.2mm are especially suited for installations with RP-02 connector and transceiver.

Due to enormous time saving and no requirement for expensive tools, this system is a good low cost choice in data transmission.

USB-RS232 optical converter 650nm, RP-02 port for 1mm plastic optical fiber with 2.2mm jacket, plastic housing
RP-02 diode housing equipped with LED 650nm/PIN-diode
RP-02 diode housing equipped with LED 650nm/Photo detector receiver
FO connector "RP-02" duplex for POF 1/2.2mm (full plastic)
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