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Electronics products

Our online presentation is updated constantly and displays a selection of our standard product range.

If products or details to your requested products are not available on our web site please contact us for further technical support.

We look forward to receiving your phone call under
+49 5741 23661-0

and of course we look forward to receiving your inquiry via eMail

Pinheader Pinheader

Pinheader Pitch 0,8,1,0,1,27,2,0,2,50,2,54mm and more. Special pitch and special connectors on request

Female header Female header

female header pitch 0,8,1,0,1,27,2,0,2,54mm and more. Special pitch and specail connectors on request

Battery holder Battery holder

in different versions for CR1225, CR1250,CR2032,CR2450

RCA-, DC- and. Earphone Jacks RCA-, DC- and. Earphone Jacks

in different versions

Jumper Jumper

Jumper Pitch 1,27, 2,0, 2,54 and 5,08mm. Multijumper Pitch 2,0 and 2,54 mm, Shorting plugs, Connector sleeves

USB 3.1 Typ C the new generation USB 3.1 Typ C the new generation

USB 3.1 Typ C Male and Female for P.C.B and cable - more speed - more mating cycles - plug face down and top commutes

USB A / B / 3.0 USB A / B / 3.0

USB Connector, Version for Typ A, B and 3.0

IEEE 1349 IEEE 1349

IEEE 1349 Female in 90, 180° and SMD Version in 4 and 6 pol.

Mini USB Mini USB

Mini USB connector Male and Female in diffrent numbers of contacts and version`s

Micro USB Micro USB

Micro USB in diffrent versions. New: Micro USB 3.0Female AB / B Typ 5pol.

HDMI Connectors HDMI Connectors

HDMI and Micro HDMI Male and Female 19 pin.

DVI connector DVI connector

Male, Female 24 and 29 contacts

DIN / Mini DIN DIN / Mini DIN

DIN / Mini DIN Male and Female with diffrent numbers of contact and Versions

Wire to board Wire to board

Housing, Wafer, Crimp and IDC contacts pitch 0,5mm to 8,38mm

D Sub D Sub

Version in IDC, with Solder cup, Dual Ports,in straight, right angled, HD D-Sub and MICRO D-Sub

Modular Jacks and Plugs Modular Jacks and Plugs

in diffrent hights, number of contacts, un-,half- full- shielded, with or without LED, for Dip or SMT soldering

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